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10 months ago
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10 months ago
I cant get on to RascalPvP?

Is it fixed yet?

10 months ago
I cant get on to RascalPvP?

Is it just me or can you get onto rascalPvP. I tried getting on through minehut but that didn't work either it just says "An error occurred, please contact administrator". Is anybody else having that issue?

10 months ago
We should make a YouTube shorts account? 🩳🎥🎞

I know we already have a TikTok account, but how about we take it up a notch? Let's also create a YouTube Shorts channel to further boost traffic to our beloved Rascal PvP server! 🎥🚀 YouTube Shorts has become a sensation, and it's the perfect platform to showcase the very best of what Rascal PvP has to offer. We can create engaging and concise videos featuring intense PvP battles, stunning builds, and heartwarming community moments. While TikTok draws attention, YouTube Shorts will allow us to reach an even broader audience of potential players and fans. These bite-sized videos will leave viewers curious and excited to dive into the full Rascal PvP experience. By utilizing both platforms, we can maximize our server's visibility and create a thriving community of Minecraft enthusiasts. So, let's combine the power of TikTok and YouTube Shorts to make Rascal PvP the ultimate gaming destination! Who's with me? 🎉

10 months ago
💡 Forum Suggestion: "Lost Worlds" RascalPVP Season Idea!

Greetings, I have an exciting concept for the next season of our beloved minecraft server. “lost worlds” imagine stepping into a captivating world filled with mysterious abandoned structures and ancient ruins scattered throughout the vast map, as you explore you ll uncover the secrets of these forgotten lands unlocking new quests solving intriguing puzzles and facing thrilling challenges. Picture yourself collaborating with fellow players forging alliances and competing in friendly competitions to earn unique rewards the journey will be immersed in rich lore making every moment a truly unforgettable experience i‘d love to hear your thoughts on this idea and any additional suggestions you might have let’s work together to create an epic adventure that will captivate the hearts of all Rascalpvp enthusiasts

10 months ago
TikTok Account

If you would like any help editing I am pretty good with adding things to keep retention 


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