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[CLOSED] I got banned for a week for "hacking"
1 day ago

On June 2nd I was playing on RascalPVP like the average person would. I fought and killed a guy and in the chat he said "CH1KENW1NGZ is hacking" which I thought nothing of because I clearly wasn't hacking. Shortly after I got banned for "Cheating through the use of unfair advantage" which I did not do.

[CLOSED] I got banned for 2 weeks for seemingly no reason
about 1 month ago

I was in the end killing endermen and then i got banned after entering third person to see an enderman behind me. I don't think third person mode is "Cheating due to the use of Unfair Advantages"

[CLOSED] I got auto-muted for no reason
2 months ago

Dear Minecraft Moderator,

I am writing to appeal my auto-mute on your server. I understand that the server has rules and guidelines that all players must follow, and I always strive to be respectful and follow those rules. However, I believe that I was mistakenly muted and would like to explain why.

I was playing on the server, and I accidentally went out of the map, I was confused and I not know where I was, I simply typed "Where am I?" when I suddenly received an auto-mute message for 362 days. I was confused and shocked because I had not violated any of the server's rules, and I had not been warned, it said it was for Major Chat Infration. I believe that this was a mistake, possibly due to a glitch or a misunderstan...

2 months ago

https://gyazo.com/c145ecfe38fb087bb9db53b3c59bea5f 😈

Application :D
3 months ago

Minecraft Username: akke303

What rank do you want and why?: admin or builder bc i like to build and moderate and help this server!

Do you have any proof that this is your account?: yes i can say anything u want on that acc

Scenarios: one time there was an hacker duping and getting prot 255 illegal stuff and i banned him

You join the server to one of the staff griefing the server. What would you do?: send screenshot to owner/co-owner and ban for 5h

The griefer tells you that you have to work with him or he will deop everyone and stop the server. What do you do?: ban him for lifetime

Someone is spamming in the chat "Vo_d is cheating". What do you do?: mute him for 2days

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