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staff application

done done done done done done done  i need to get off now

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staff application

Basic Information

Minecraft Username: christianTENN

Do you have any proof that this is your account? my email 😄 this was their email but I blocked it



You hop on the forums to find out that a random user has spammed on every topic. What do you do?: i tell you.

The spammer messages you saying that if you don't work with him, he'll say you did it. What do you do?:he cant blame me 

Someone is false reporting players! What do you do?: tell you 

A staff member fixes the problem, but a few hours later the person come back false reporting and spamming! What do you do?:tell you

A staff member gets password guessed and then they start deleting the forum one by one. What do you do?: idk

Extra Information

What will you do to help the forums?:

Any socials? (YouTube, Discord, Twitter, etc):https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/christiantenn/

Do you have a portfolio?:idk.

Do you have anything else to say?: ALL i want to do is make the map look beter and more interesting!