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about 1 year ago
server crash

minehut servers are so fragile

like i tried to do a few simple commands like //replace so that i could make the obsidian area look cooler but then it crashed

about 1 year ago
Axol1 Application

Axol1 didn't understand how to apply, so I asked him the questions in the ingame chat and put the application here for him.


Username/IGN: Axol1

What rank I want: Helper

Why I want this rank: i want this rank bc i like help people and admins, find the cheaters if i need i can take any jobs and I just wanna do something more than play and maybe be killed or kill them. I just wana be nice and maybe talk with them. thats why i want this rank. and maybe the builders need help and i can help them

Do you have any things to say that you own this account: I am Vo_d, and am filling out this application by asking him the questions in in-game chat.

Any socials? (YouTube, Twitter, etc.): Axol1#2100

Anything else you want to say?: i really like this server and the admins owner helpers and builders are really nice and are the best admins and builder and helper and owner ever

about 1 year ago
Aidan_Wallbank Staff Application

I like it!

We need moderators and developers and since you have both skills, you have definitely been accepted.