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TeamSpaek's Staff Application

Basic Information

Minecraft Username: TeamSpaek

What rank do you want and why?: Senior-Moderator or Admin because I believe I have enough skills to become a really good staff member on the RascalPvP server.

Do you have any proof that this is your account?



You join the server to one of the staff griefing the server. What would you do?: I would immediately contact a higher up staff member such as manager or owner about who is griefing the server.

The griefer tells you that you have to work with him or he will deop everyone and stop the server. What do you do?: I would rather have everyone get demoted and the server stopped than having it continue as we can just reop all of the deopped players from minehuts console.

Someone is spamming in the chat "Vo_d is cheating". What do you do?: I would mute the player first for spamming in the chat, then I would go into vanish and watch the player to see if he is really cheating. if they are cheating, I would ban them. If they are not cheating, I would not take any action against the player

A staff member mutes the spammer and after a few hours, he gets unmuted. He continues spamming "Vo_d is cheating" except in FancyChat letters. What do you do?: I would keep muting them until they stop.

A staff member gets hacked and all of the shopkeepers get deleted and a lot of the spawn is griefed. What do you do in this situation?: I would contact an owner about the situation.

Extra Information

What will you do to help the server?: I can help out the server by keeping all of the cheaters away from the server, keeping the chat spam free, and I can also help out in server popularity by advertising.

Any socials? (YouTube, Discord, Twitter, etc): Youtube: https://youtube.com/lunarvr Discord: LunarVR#2024 Twitter: https://twitter.com/@LunarVR

Do you have a portfolio?: yes, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uAnDN6Q9zw1MCxv690oK0lISGk8fRs0LVEB3qTgg9ag

Do you have anything else to say?: hopefully I get accepted :)