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PokeeGard and I wanted mod beacause I wanted to help the server grow and when there is alot of people there will be alot of cheaters and rule breakers and I can stay in the pc longer so I can I mod the server longer theres no proof that this account is mine but I think you know its mine. if a staff is greifing the server I will dm the owner or admin and if a greifer tell me to work with him and deop the server I will ss and dm a owner or admin if some1 is spamming a player is cheating I will go and warn the spamming player and then go to vanish to see if Vo_D is Cheating or not. if he spam again I will give a perm mute to the player If a Staff member got hacked and greif spawn I will send ss of the greif to the owner and dev and admin and staffs and let the owner / dev / admin fix it I will help the server ad and help catch rule breaker and help new players I have discord and youtube and twitter nothing to add