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2 months ago
[CLOSED] I got auto-muted for no reason

Dear Minecraft Moderator,

I am writing to appeal my auto-mute on your server. I understand that the server has rules and guidelines that all players must follow, and I always strive to be respectful and follow those rules. However, I believe that I was mistakenly muted and would like to explain why.

I was playing on the server, and I accidentally went out of the map, I was confused and I not know where I was, I simply typed "Where am I?" when I suddenly received an auto-mute message for 362 days. I was confused and shocked because I had not violated any of the server's rules, and I had not been warned, it said it was for Major Chat Infration. I believe that this was a mistake, possibly due to a glitch or a misunderstanding.

I have always been a responsible and active member of the Minecraft community, and I believe that my past behavior on the server reflects this. I understand the importance of maintaining a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for all players, and I fully support this goal. I believe that lifting my mute would be fair and reasonable, as I have not done anything wrong to deserve it.

I respectfully request that you review my case and consider lifting my auto-mute. I would be grateful for the opportunity to continue playing on your server and contributing to the community in a positive way. Thank you for your time and consideration.