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about 1 year ago
mh down and server down so i guess chill here for a bit.

rip, well im on the server rn

about 1 year ago
mh down and server down so i guess chill here for a bit.

the server is online lol

about 1 year ago
Welcome to RascalPvP - Season 8!

Welcome to RascalPvP - Season 8! I will be your guide in explaining what to do when you first join.

Starting Off

Welcome to the server, new friend! Hop down from spawn into the battle arena and find the generators with the corresponding item they drop above them! Stand on these generators to collect resources, then head back to spawn with /spawn. Head to the shop and turn in your resources for better weapons and armor!

Newbie, No Longer!

Good job, you have obtained armor and a sword! Hop back down to the battle arena and start exploring our map. You never know what secrets you may find. You better be prepared to fight, as it's a key component in this server. Trading is also a crucial detail in the experience of this server.

Secret Hunter

Get ready to be hunting for secrets. They can hold some of the best items for you to fight with. They are everywhere, and some are added every day.

Grinding the Dungeon

Grinding the dungeon is a great start because you get one emerald per kill. If there are a lot of zombies, you could decompress those until those are the materials of your liking!