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8wii Staff Application

I wanted to add on. 

I have been moderating for up to 4 years now and I feel like a have a surplus of experience. I have good moderating experience by knowing lots of the plugins and commands. I record everything I do incase someone needs to know why I banned a user or punished them. I know what cheats to detect and how to detect them. I have also been moderating on servers that have 200-300 players. The main server I was staff on was called VoidzMinez and I have been staff for over a year. I was the Senior Moderator and I dealt with accepting new staff members and dealt with hackers, chat offenders, and also helped out quite a bit in the discord too, I managed the player's and also help teach the other staff how to moderate.

about 1 year ago
8wii Staff Application

Username/IGN: 8wii

What rank I want: Administrator

Why I want this rank: I feel like I have a exquisite skills that can benefit the community, first off I have great social skills. I am a very sociable person and I love to interact with lots of other people. I also like to learn from others, so as a staff member just by being in the server I would grow as a person and as a staff member. Another great skill that I have is that I can be active. I can be active anywhere from 3-4 hours daily unless something comes up, and over the weekends I can be active from 6-7 hours a day.

Do you have any things to say that you own this account: Yes, Discord 8wii#0430

Any socials? (YouTube, Twitter, etc.): No I do not have any other socials.

Anything else you want to say?: Nothing in particular.