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about 1 year ago
I got banned for no reason

Energetic I got banned for no reason and I didnt destroy any mushroom cafe so could you please unban me? Please respond as soon as possible because I was planning on making something very soon!

about 1 year ago
Staff Application

Magic Frog, I am staff on RascalPVP, like you want to me. Although I don't have permits to say stuff like this, I believe that your application was too bland and you don't really share much about you, from my point of you. I think that Energetic wouldn't mind, but you should share more about your self and why you want to be Admin. More like "I want the rank Administrator because, I have had a chance to be staff on a server before, I am kind and I love this server, if you approve my application, I can probably be a great help, I love your server and I want it to stay as a great community and welcoming server." Its not that I don't dislike your application, but I think it would be nice if you can say more stuff about you or stuff that you know how to do. Thank you.

xTechnIcal_ (Admin)

about 1 year ago
To EnergeticSpark63

Hello Energetic,

I was wondering if maybe for W.I.P you needed any help. I think I could help you rebuild stuff that incorrect staff destroyed, if you un-whitelist me, I would be happy to help. :)

about 1 year ago
Application for Minecraft

Username/IGN: xTechnIcal_

What rank I want: Administrator

Why I want this rank: I am good at following rules and I could make sure other people can follow the rules and have a fun time on the server.

I could confirm this is my account because you could DM me on discord and I could confirm that xTechnIcal_ is my in-game account.

I have discord (Mercenxry#5503)