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3 months ago
Application :D

Minecraft Username: akke303

What rank do you want and why?: admin or builder bc i like to build and moderate and help this server!

Do you have any proof that this is your account?: yes i can say anything u want on that acc

Scenarios: one time there was an hacker duping and getting prot 255 illegal stuff and i banned him

You join the server to one of the staff griefing the server. What would you do?: send screenshot to owner/co-owner and ban for 5h

The griefer tells you that you have to work with him or he will deop everyone and stop the server. What do you do?: ban him for lifetime

Someone is spamming in the chat "Vo_d is cheating". What do you do?: mute him for 2days

A staff member mutes the spammer and after a few hours, he gets unmuted. He continues spamming "Vo_d is cheating" except in FancyChat letters. What do you do?: mute him for a week

A staff member gets hacked and all of the shopkeepers get deleted and a lot of the spawn is griefed. What do you do in this situation?: tell the owner/co-owner and try to fix it with other staff members and builders ans owners

What will you do to help the server?: im alaways online and i like to wach that no-one hacks or spams

Any socials? (YouTube, Discord, Twitter, etc): i have youtube youtubrecom/@orangejuicemotios dc Akke#4335

Do you have a portfolio?: no

Do you have anything else to say?: nope!