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SorryImBlind's Staff Application

Username/IGN: SorryImBlind

What rank I want: Administrator

Why I want this rank: I believe I would do a good job as a staff member since I have always been a keen worker and am motivated by my passion for the game, and also for interacting with other people all around the globe. I enjoy serving players and, I believe that I am able to apply my skill set to particular situations while achieving complete player satisfaction and enjoyment. I love to share my knowledge with others, in any kind of department and I have been playing Minecraft for a while now, and so I am sure I have a lot of knowledge to share in this area. If accepted, I would guarantee 100% dedication and focus to the tasks I am given, thinking first on the server, and only then on me, in a constant pursuit of it's greater good. I can offer a very active Staff Member that can help any player with any doubt that might exist, and I pledge that even not knowing the answer to a problem, I would do my best to find a solution. I want to be a part of this Staff Team because I feel that I can learn a lot from all the different members of the Team, I can expand my areas of knowledge, I can broaden my horizons regarding management and administration of a Minecraft Server and I can spend time doing two things that I love very much, playing Minecraft and helping out other people. Also, having had experience on this specific server makes me perfect for the position, since I already know the rules, the tasks Staff have to fulfill when dealing with a specific situation, and when and how to enforce a punishment.

Do you have any things to say that you own this account: Can show proof in game.

Any socials? (YouTube, Twitter, etc.): No socials

Anything else you want to say?: I am willing to make the server a more fun place to be and hope to see you all on RascalPVP! Thanks for the opportunity!