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Staff Application

Minecraft Username: MouseTheDev

What rank do you want and why?: Mod I want it because I can handle being a moderator and I have plenty of experience of being a Moderator.

Do you have any proof that this is your account? Yes. My account is mousethedev011@gmail.com and I have a dragon image on my account. Like a ender dragon.


You join the server to one of the staff griefing the server. What would you do? Contact a staff immediately and have proof of that person griefing looking at chats by people screaming.

The griefer tells you that you have to work with him or he will deop everyone and stop the server. What do you do?: I will have some photos of that person and deop him and remove his rank as fast as possible then I will contact a staff and explain the situation what happened. If he doesn't believe me I can send photos

Someone is spamming in the chat "Vod is cheating". What do you do?: I will try to stop the spamming and come have a look of it. If they aren't hacking I will mute the person who was spamming for 1 hour. If Vod was hacking I will temp ban the person who was hacking.

A staff member mutes the spammer and after a few hours, he gets unmuted. He continues spamming "Vo_d is cheating" except in FancyChat letters. What do you do?: I will mute the person and tell the staff he is doing it again I will even send pictures of the spammer to the staff member. And that staff can handle it.

A staff member gets hacked and all of the shopkeepers get deleted and a lot of the spawn is griefed. What do you do in this situation?: First, ban the staff before more things get deleted. Second, I will contact a Manager/Owner and try to get help ASAP. I will tell players that "This server will be closed because of the staff." Once things are fixed. I will open the server back up

Extra Information

What will you do to help the server?: I will encourage players to engage to the server and also make the server community better.

Any socials? (YouTube, Discord, Twitter, etc): I have Discord my name is MouseTheDev#0357

Do you have a portfolio?: Not a lot

Do you have anything else to say?: I love being a developer and I coded for 6 years. I'm pretty good at building even with worldedit.