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I'm currently a developer on here



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I have resigned from the server.




- I skript for fun, and working with Eneregetic isn't fun for me. (Never said i dont like him as a person i just don't like working with him)


- He got a new dev that's way more active than me. although, i do believe we could work together as a team. i'd much prefer that honestly


For all the people here thinking about creating a server one day:

when one of your staff members resign, they dont want you (the server owner) to be upset about them resigning. they resign for a good reason (most of the times)


He thought i was mad at him so if anyone can convince him that i'm not mad at him i would really appreaciate it <3





Anyways, have a great day!

about 1 year ago


your English isn't good enough, but if you'll have good enough builds you'll get accepted.

1. Setup a 1.16.5 Spigot server
2. DM Me on discord when you can show me your builds on that server
3. Wait for an answer (Accepted or denied.)

about 1 year ago

I've read your application, We'll be back with an answer soon.

about 1 year ago

why lock

about 1 year ago

EnergeticSpark63 you.. rolled back the entire server... why..?

about 1 year ago