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my application (BestBrothersEM)

Minecraft Username: BestBrothersEM

What rank do you want and why?: staff, helper, whichever you think i should have

Do you have any proof that this is your account? i dont know what this is asking but i asked you how to apply sooo



You join the server to one of the staff griefing the server. What would you do? ask them to stop and notify energetic, if they dont stop, to the best of my abilites try to stop them.

The griefer tells you that you have to work with him or he will deop everyone and stop the server. What do you do?: once again notify energetic of this, agree but dont actually do it, and if they can tell that im not doing anything , i would do minimum damage possible and try repair it once they are gone

Someone is spamming in the chat "Vo_d is cheating". What do you do?: idk if vo_d is still staff so ill give you what i will do it all three possiblites: if vo_d is staff, warn, and if they dont stop mute the person, if vo_d isnt staff check to see if vo_d is actually cheating, if they are warn vo_d and the spammer, if the spammer continues mute, if vo_d continues ban, finally if vo_d isnt staff but also isnt cheating, just mute the person

A staff member mutes the spammer and after a few hours, he gets unmuted. He continues spamming "Vo_d is cheating" except in FancyChat letters. What do you do?: mute for very long time, if continue after that than just ban

A staff member gets hacked and all of the shopkeepers get deleted and a lot of the spawn is griefed. What do you do in this situation?: inform energetic, try to repair to the best of my abilities

Extra Information

What will you do to help the server?: there are alot of hackers on the server, so i will take care of them try to interact with players, people love staff interactions, but not in any way that would effect the actually game. i would just like talk to them and maybe duel them or something idk

Any socials? (YouTube, Discord, Twitter, etc): uh yeah youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClr8cCaVBP06RghN6WJSwmw

discord: myt#3526

Do you have a portfolio?: no

Do you have anything else to say?: ive been on the server for a while now, so i kinda know whats going on. i know I have a bad history of exploits but i always tell staff about them at one point or another, so im good at finding them and can help fix them