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Minecraft Username : AwesomeEgames

Rank : any as long as I can help build

I have the same username and I can confirm in game

Scenario 1 : I would report to higher up staff and if I had enough perms, I would deop them
Scenario 2 : If I have enough perms, I would deop them, if I didn't I would tell the owner to use console to ban or deop them
Scenario 3 : I would warm them about mute (if continued, mute) and check to see if Vo_d is hacking
Scenario 4 : I would mute them and tell them to stop or possible worse punishment
I would contribute good builds bc I am pretty good at building maps and using world edit

AwesomeEgames on YT, [email protected], AwesomeEgames#1148 on discord

8 days ago