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Aidan_Wallbank Staff Application

Username/IGN: Aidan_Wallbank

What rank I want: Developer

Why I want this rank: I want this rank because I think I can upgrade with the server as I have moderated/developed on servers before so I will have experience. I can benefit the server and I won't use the rank for any advantages in the game. I know how to moderate chats and make sure people aren't cheating as well.

Do you have any things to say that you own this account: You can ask me in game or message my discord, tell me to be on the server on my Minecraft account and I will be and that can prove I own this account.

Any socials? (YouTube, Twitter, etc.): My discord is Aidan_#3640 if you need to dm me.

Anything else you want to say?: If this gets denied then I will play the server for another few months and apply then. I would be extremely grateful for this rank though.

Have an amazing day, Aidan